We get lots of inquiries from brides and my aim here is to provide some helpful tips. Please don't hesitate to send any additional questions to: or call the shop at 09 368 7266.

Firstly, most brides are looking for ways to trim their waist so their dress looks great. It's important to remember that our corsets are traditional. This means they are the same as they have been for hundreds of years. Corsets were designed to wear under layers of fabric. If your dress is made of thin fabric you may see the outline of the corset through it because it has bones and a steel front closure.

Only the steel boned corsets are able to be pulled in at the waist, however, the lightweight corsets will still smooth the lines to a certain extent. If you need an undergarment that is invisible only an elasticated garment will achieve this. It is not a corset but may be available through department stores.

If you decide a corset is what you want then any of the waist-cincher styles will give the best line. If your fabric is opaque or multi-layered it may be possible for you to wear a colour other than white. We sell lots of black corsets to brides who want to wear their corsets again and prefer not to have white.

Please also note that if your dress has an extremely low back then anything other than the mini-cincher may be too high.

If you need us to make something in your size please allow at least 4 weeks, preferably 6 otherwise we may need to charge a 'rush' fee.

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